Our Team

Shriram Adukoorie

Co Founder

Passionate and still eager to learn, Shriram can make a spreadsheet about anything. He has also said that one line to all his team members - I can beat all of you in arm-wrestling.

Animesh Saraswat

UI Geek

Used to be a professional boxer before college and he is an amazing singer and can play the guitar - He wanted us to mention that.

Anukriti Vijay

All Rounder

Can efficiently manage the entire team and beat you in any kind of argument. She Sometimes wants to order desserts after lunch but her plans are usually cancelled because one guy cannot make up his mind and settle on a restaurant.

Lokesh Ramasetti

Python Ninja

Is trying to teach Telugu to the person who sits besides him while learning Kannada from the person who sits in front of him and juggles between Hindi and English to interact with everyone else.

Navin Yadav

Backend Guru

Also Navin. Also quiet, sincere, always smiling, newly married and proud owner of a bike- And he sits in front of the other Naveen.

Rupam Thakur

Testing Ninja

Our QA engineer can test anything easily and quietly. Except when she has to try Alexa - Then the entire office can hear her.

Jiri Spika

Search/NLP Guru

An ex Ice Hockey player, he loved Old Monk last time he came to India and accidentally managed to travel in the general compartment, and loved it. Vaclav also tried the same journey and got scammed.

Gautham Tummala

Co Founder

Incredible CV knows pretty much everyone worthy of being known. If you talk to him on the phone, your first impression would be that you are talking to Sundar Pichai.

Anirudh Sudan

Customer Sucess

Most elegible bachelor in the team. He can cook meals and listen to you patiently. What else do you need from a guy?

Bal Krishn Birla

Tech Oldie

A big foodie who started a tradition of ordring snacks in the evening, our CTO has tried almost everything that us normal people only write in our dream journals.

Naveen Kumar N

UI Ninja

Quiet, sincere, always smiling, newly married and proud owner of a bike.

Rishith DV

Devops Guru

Soft spoken, quiet, and generally peaceful… unless he’s drunk!!!

Tomas Brich

Search/NLP Guru

He is the youngest colleague of ours in Prague who loves gaming and can play the piano - That’s what others told us about him. He doesn’t talk much unless it is about algorithms.

Vignesh Udhayakumar

Python Ninja

Or Vigi as one person calls him, is getting married this year. He won’t be able to party with us after that- He said that in a pub while drinking wine and munching on chicken biryani. If his fiance is reading this, those were his exact words “I won’t be able to do this after marriage”.

Ankesh Khemani

Tech Guru

Our tech lead is passionate and extremely knowledgeable.. about homeopathy - He can go on for hours if you even mention the word in front of him.

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